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Superman returns to Earth after spending five years in space examining his homeworld Krypton. But he finds things have changed while he was gone, and he must once again prove himself important to the world. Director: Bryan Singer | Stars: Brandon Routh, Kevin Spacey, Kate Bosworth, James Marsden. Votes: 269,920 | Gross: $200.08 Superman (also known as Superman: The Movie) is a 1978 superhero film directed by Richard Donner and written by Mario Puzo, David Newman, Leslie Newman, and Robert Benton from a story by Puzo based on the DC Comics character of the same name. It is the first installment in the Superman film series The fictional character Superman, an American comic book superhero in DC Comics publications, has appeared in various films almost since his inception. He debuted in cinemas in a series of animated shorts beginning in 1941, and then starred in two movie serials in 1948 and 1950. An independent studio, Lippert Pictures, released the first Superman feature film, Superman and the Mole Men.

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  1. A large amount of the additions are due to longer shots showing Superman walking to the Fortress of Solitude for the first time and other similar establishing shots. Most additions of note were included in the 2001 cut. Still this is an interesting curio for the die hard Superman movie fa
  2. For all the rampant problems in scripting, design, direction, and beyond in Batman v Superman, the movie felt like a vision from a singular source, that being Zack Snyder. A number of scenes and.
  3. Official uncut theatrical version of Gene Fallaize's 'Superman: Requiem' fan film, starring Martin Richardson, Stacy Sobieski, Paul Khanna, Serena Lorien, an..
  4. D.C ., on December 10, 1978, Superman-The Movie was screened as a benefit for the Special Olympics and attracted the most prestigious first-nighters In the nation's capital. Top-priced seats went for $1,000.00. The following day, December 11, 1978,.
  5. A(z) Superman 1 (1978) című videót [törölt felhasználó] nevű felhasználó töltötte fel a(z) film/animáció kategóriába. Eddig 17845 alkalommal nézték meg. A Krypton bolygó végpusztulása elkerülhetetlennek látszik, de a hatalmas robbanás előtt még egy utolsó mentőkabin kiszakad a Krypton gravitációjából
  6. Soundtrack/theme music from the 1978 Richard Donner film Superman with Christopher Reeve, Marlon Brando, Gene Hackman, Ned Beatty, Margot Kidder, Valerie P..
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A Superman (gyakran említik Superman: The Movie címmel is) Richard Donner 1978-ban bemutatott akció-sci-fi filmje, az azonos nevű képregényhősről, a címszerepben Christopher Reeve-vel. A főszereplők között volt még Marlon Brando és Gene Hackman. A forgatókönyvet Mario Puzo írta Henry Cavill isn't hanging up his Superman cape just yet. Sources confirm to Variety the Man of Steel actor is in talks to return as Clark Kent in an upcoming DC Comics movie

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  1. Superman beginnt mit einer fünf Minuten langen Titelsequenz, in der ausschließlich Texteinblendungen von Cast und Crew, begleitet von John Williams' Filmmusik, präsentiert werden. Superman wurde nicht nur gleichzeitig mit dem Großteil der Fortsetzung Superman II - Allein gegen alle gedreht, sondern war auch bereits vor Drehbeginn als sog
  2. Superman: The Movie knows what it is and who the man in tights is meant to inspire. Aimed at families with a broad appeal, the film combines humor, (then) cutting edge SFX, and brilliant casting.
  3. g Superman movies from CINEMABLEND, the preferred source of Superman movie news & trailers
  4. utes. However, when the Producers of the film (Alexander and Ilya Salkind) were looking to sell the TV rights, ABC offered to televise the movie as a pay per
  5. Superman egy kitalált szereplő, szuperhős a DC Comics képregényeiben.A kitalált szereplőt a kanadai rajzoló, Joe Shuster és az amerikai író, Jerry Siegel alkotta meg 1932-ben, és adta el az akkor még Detective Comics néven létező DC Comicsnak.Első megjelenése az Action Comics első számában volt 1938 júniusában. Superman a DC Comics és a képregényipar egyik.
  6. dig akkor akad valamilyen halaszthatatlan dolga a szerencsétlen Clarknak, amikor felbukkan imádott szuperhőse..
  7. The Superman movie franchise is a tricky affair. While we've come to accept a certain comfortable sameness from our 21st Century superhero franchises, Superman's big screen adventures since.
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Batman és Superman konfliktusa sekélyes, könnyen feloldható lenne. Válasz. 4/10 NN1532 2017 jan. 21. - 23:15:37 4/10 Ez egy rossz film. De közben még unalmas is. Szenvedtem. Válasz. kybuck 2016 nov. 07. - 08:34:31 . Alapvetõen nem volt rossz, de az elõd Az acélember jobb volt, és igen, lehetett volna sokkal jobbra is megcsinálni.. Turning Superman into one of the movie's primary antagonists is a fascinating idea, if one that the movie has little-to-no idea how to handle properly. The abundance of reshoots are abundantly. 4. This movie is for diehard Superman fans that love collecting Superman memorabilia. If you are NOT a super-fan of the original Superman movie, this may not be for you. This version is not meant to improve upon the original movie, though there are some scenes that do enhance the film The DC Comics legend comes alive in this wonderfully entertaining saga of Superman's life from a baby on the doomed planet Krypton (with Brando as Supe's dad) to Earth's own Man of Steel (a chiseled Reeve). Hackman and Beatty pair marvelously as super criminal Lex Luthor and his bumbling sidekick Otis, while Kidder is an intelligent Lois Lane

MAN OF STEEL: Zack Snyder On The Possibility Of His 2013 Superman Movie Getting A Director's Cut. Zack Snyder's Justice League is heading to HBO Max in 2021,. Directing a New Superman Movie Was a Possibility for James Gunn. Before taking on The Suicide Squad, James Gunn has revealed that he discussed helming a big screen Superman project

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The combination of Donner's straight-faced respect and Lester's outlandish set-pieces conspired, much like Clark Kent and Superman themselves, to create the perfect superhero (movie). But what. Parents need to know that when you're talking superhero sagas, Superman: The Movie is how it's done. Many characters are in peril before the hero saves the day, including a school bus full of kids teetering off the Golden Gate Bridge, two coasts threatened by a missile launch, and reporter/love interest Lois Lane (Margot Kidder), who gets in plenty of tight spots Superman, often promoted as Superman: The Movie, is a 1978 American superhero film directed by Richard Donner. The film explores the origins of Superman's life and features Marlon Brando and Gene Hackman with Christopher Reeve as Superman. It was released on December 15, 1978 and became a box office success. The film received an Oscar for Best Visual Effects at the 51st Annual Academy Awards.

Superman Classic: Who's Who in the Superman Comics (1950s -1980s) - Information on characters and places introduced in the Superman comic books during the 1950s and up to the revamp in 1986. Interviews - Read our Question and Answer sessions with Superman Comic Book Writers and Artists The movie's legacy soared even higher when director Richard Donner revisited this beloved adventure 22 years later and integrated eight minutes into the film. Enjoy more footage of the Krypton Council, a glimpse of stars of prior Superman incarnations, more of Jor-El underscoring his son's purpose on Earth andan extended sequence inside Lex. Superman: The Movie. Action & adventure. Academy Award-winners Marlon Brando and Gene Hackman head an all-star cast in the fantastic, action-packed film that made Christopher Reeve an international star playing the greatest superhero of all time. From the doomed planet of Krypton, two parents launch a spaceship carrying their infant son to earth

The movie begins with the tremendous advantage that almost everyone in the audience knows the Superman saga from youth. There aren't a lot of explanations needed; that's brilliantly demonstrated in the first scene where Superman tries to change in a phone booth Superman (informally titled Superman: The Movie in some listings and reference sources) is a 1978 superhero film directed by Richard Donner. It is based on the DC Comics character of the same name and stars Marlon Brando , Gene Hackman , Christopher Reeve , Margot Kidder , Glenn Ford , Phyllis Thaxter , Jackie Cooper , Trevor Howard , Marc. as Clark Kent / Superman / Kal-El. Amy Adams. as Lois Lane. Michael Shannon. as General Zod. Diane Lane. as Martha Kent. Movie Details. Original Language: English. Production Companies:. Not only is the movie expected to feature an openly gay superhero character, but Lauren Ridloff is playing the first deaf superhero in the MCU. Filming began in the fall of 2019 and wrapped in.

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Batman v Superman IMAX Remaster Is Arriving Before Zack Snyder's Justice League. Director Zack Snyder reveals he's working on remastering Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice to restore the IMAX. The success of Superman in the comics opened the doors for other masked marvels in colorful costumes — and 1978's Superman: The Movie (or just Superman, the onscreen title) did the same for big-budget superhero films.While it wasn't Superman's first live-action foray — it followed movie serials in 1948 and 1950, and a pilot movie in 1951 for a television series which ran from 1952 to 1958. Superman looks for Luthor's hiding spot in the sewer. Luthor watches him with a video camera. At first he fires at Superman with a machine gun, but that doesn't bother him. Then he gets shot with flame throwers, but there's still no reaction. After that Luthor tries to freeze him Superman (1978) (aka Superman: The Movie) d. Richard Donner, 143 minutes, 127 minutes (video), 151 minutes (restored and expanded) Film Plot Summary. The film began with a marquee or theatre curtain opening on a black and white projected film, dated June 1938. A child's hand opened a 10 cents Action Comics book, and in voice-over read the. Michael B Jordan could be swapping Marvel for DC as the Black Panther star reportedly met with Warner Bros. studios about a potential lead role in the future Superman movie

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  1. g back to the same question: Why don't the latter two work as well? The answer is very simple. Because Richard Donner is a better storyteller than Bryan Singer or Zack Snyder
  2. Superman: The Movie (1978), Superman II (1980), Superman III (1983), Superman IV: The Quest for Peace (1987) Arguably the best known and most beloved portrayal of Superman belongs to Christopher.
  3. Every Superman Movie From Worst To Best, Ranked By Rotten Tomatoes. As a superhero icon, DC's Superman has naturally received his share of cinematic adaptations. Which film is the best according.
  4. es how Superman: The Movie compared to the established comics continuity of 1978 (June 2006) Superman Returns: The Cutting Room Floor - Steve Younis exa
  5. Clark Kent/Superman: I'm here to fight for truth, justice, and the American way. Clark Kent/Superman: [a thug strikes Superman from behind with a crowbar, it vibrates his hands] Superman: Bad.
  6. Zack Snyder Working On Batman V Superman: Dawn Of Justice Remaster We Got This Covered · 2 days ago. Most filmmakers tend to toe the party line and say the Director's Cut of their movie is the version..
  7. g DC comics movie, according to multiple reports. Get push.

Superman: The Movie was a perfect storm of creative talent: Ilya Salkind, a producer my age who knew what we all really wanted to see at the movies; Chris Reeve, a dedicated, serious actor who tackled Superman as he would Shakespeare or Sophocles; Richard Donner, a fellow New Yorker who respected Superman as Americana, is a master. Well, I believe in truth, but I'm also a big fan of justice. Superman to Steppenwolf[src] Clark Joseph Kent, born with the Kryptonian name Kal-El, is a super powerful and nigh-indestructible alien, and superhero of the House of El, one of the extremely few survivors of the destruction of Krypton, and an investigative reporter of the Daily Planet. In addition, Kal-El is the first Kryptonian. When Superman: The Movie was first made the green screen technology did not exist to correct the shift in colors. Hence, Superman's costume varied through the movie. For the 4k restoration Donner painstakingly supervised the color correcting of the problem areas and enhanced the audio. This is the best Superman has ever looked or sound Back in February 1982, ABC's two-night broadcast of Superman: The Movie was an unprecedented extension of the theatrical release of the film. The three-hour-long version of the movie featured.

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Superman ou Super-Homem é um super-herói fictício de história em quadrinhos americanas publicado pela DC Comics, uma empresa subsidiária do grupo Time Warner.Superman, entretanto, já foi adaptado para diversos outros meios desde os anos 1930, como cinema, rádio, televisão, literatura e Video game.Superman é um super-herói criado pela dupla de autores de quadrinhos Joe Shuster e Jerry. Superman vs Green Lantern and Batman. Suspecting that Superman may have information of the small devices known as Mother Boxes being planted by the Parademons, Batman and Green Lantern arrive in Metropolis in search of him and catches him in the process fighting a Parademon inside an unfinished building. Being cocky, Green Lantern traps Batman outside and rushes in to fight Superman but is.

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Jun 2, 2019 - Explore Seth Coggins's board Superman movie on Pinterest. See more ideas about superman, superman movies, christopher reeve Download Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice movie (2016) to your Hungama account. Watch Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice movie full online. Check out full movie Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice download, movies counter, new online movies in English and more latest movies at Hungama. Download Hungama Play app to get access to new unlimited free mp4 movies download, English movies 2019/2018.

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The Batman/Superman Movie is the home video release of the World's Finest parts I,II and III episodes of Superman: The Animated Series. Not truly edited to together, they still contain all the fade-in fade-outs to commercial breaks, similar to Batman Beyond: The Movie and Scooby-Doo Meets Batman. 1 Plot 2 Cast 3 Production 4 Appearances 4.1 Individuals It's a dark and stormy night in Gotham. Superman, Batman and Wonder Woman are making their way online, but is the price of admission worth it for new fans? Margot Kidder Made Us Fall In Love With Lois Lane, Forever By Meghan O'Keefe.

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  1. utes which were omitted from the score's original release. Along with well-known pieces like Prelude and Main Title March, The March of the Villains, The Flying Sequence, and Love Theme From Superman, this deluxe set.
  2. Batman vs Superman movie 'to start shooting this weekend' Highly anticipated sequel to Man of Steel, which includes Ben Affleck's debut as the Caped Crusader, will take over college football game.
  3. Previous intel has pointed to the Supergirl movie shooting as soon as spring 2020 and though Kara's cousin isn't expected to appear in her solo film, maybe work on the new Superman will be.

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The movie's legacy soared even higher when director Richard Donner revisited this beloved adventure22 years later and integrated eight minutes into the film. Enjoy more footage of the Krypton Council, a glimpse of stars of prior Superman incar nations, more of Jor-El underscoring his son's purpose on Earth andan extended sequence inside Lex. Superman IV: The Quest for Peace (1987) Christopher Reeve's final outing as Superman and it was so not worthy! This to me is very much like the Batman & Robin (1997) of the Superman franchise and pretty much killed the whole thing until over 20 years later when it was rebooted in 2006 Fearing the actions of a god-like Super Hero left unchecked, Gotham City's own formidable, forceful vigilante takes on Metropolis's most revered, modern-day savior, while the world wrestles. Superman 1978. Directed by Richard Donner | Starring: Marlon Brando, Gene Hackman, Christopher Reeve, Glenn Ford Mild-mannered Clark Kent works as a reporter at the Daily Planet alongside his crush, Lois Lane. Clark must summon his superhero alter-ego when the nefarious Lex Luthor launches a plan to take over the world

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Batman V Superman Dawn of Disappointment Justice. 3 years of hype and the movie is finally here. Unfortunately all the hype is what ultimately leads to its downfall. It's definitely not the worst superhero movie out there (go see X-Men Origins Wolverine) but it takes the task of establishing multiple characters for a brand new cinematic universe and fails on multiple fronts Superman is a character and Master Builder in The LEGO Movie,The LEGO Batman Movie, and The LEGO Movie 2: The Second Part. He is played by Channing Tatum. 1 Biography 1.1 The LEGO Movie 1.2 The LEGO Batman Movie 1.3 The LEGO Movie 2: The Second Part 2 Trivia 3 Gallery He first appears in the Master Builder conference within Cloud Cuckoo Land, and helps the characters fight off Bad Cop's. Superman (1978) movie props, costumes and wardrobe from the movie There are some problems, but, for the most part, Snyder succeeded in rebooting Superman for the modern era, and laid the groundwork for Warner Bros.' shared DC movie universe

Is Warner Bros. recasting Superman for new movie? By Mike Floorwalker / June 11, 2019 3:29 pm EST / Updated: June 11, 2019 3:31 pm EST Warner Brothers may be looking to fill a Big Blue void Superman: The Best Artists Of The Bronze Age, Ranked. The Bronze Age of comics comprises the '70s and a few years into the '80s, and it was an era that saw some legendary artists tackle the Man of Steel When it comes to superhero blockbusters, the original Superman starring Christopher Reeve should take a lot of the credit for launching the genre. The film also spawned on of the nicer trading card sets of the era. 1978 Topps Superman the Movie remains somewhat overlooked today, perhaps because collectors are more likely to be looking for Star Wars cards from the same era How'd he do this? By flying faster than the speed of light. The Earth's about 25,000 miles around, and Superman's flight in The Movie is a good 2 or 3 diameters larger than earth, meaninging that he was flying in loops anywhere between 50,000 to 100,000 miles - in less than a second. The speed of light is 186,000 miles per second

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Incredible movie for all Superman fans, comic book fans, and film fans in general! 0 of 0 users found this helpful. 10. TheDude- Jul 19, 2015. Superman 2 is a rare sequel that improves upon the original the action for its time is very solid the characters are great and is easily one of the most fun and entertaining superhero films to watch.. Imagine Superman: The Movie meets M. Night Shyamalan's Unbreakable Trilogy. This movie, like the 4-issue Elseworlds miniseries it is based on, will be set in the real world where superheroes only exist in comic books and the main character, Clark Kent, is just an ordinary Kansas youth who happens to be named after Superman View credits, reviews, tracks and shop for the 1978 Vinyl release of Superman The Movie (Original Sound Track) on Discogs

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Superman: The Movie was released as 143 minutes in its original theatrical form. For its first release on video in 1980 it was cut to 127 minutes to fit a two hour cassette. Since that release, it has been released on video about five times in its full 143 minutes and twice on LaserDisc (the latter being in widescreen).. Superman The Movie Hot Toys Exclusive Christopher Reeve 1/6 New. Condition is New. Please note it does not come with the brown shipper box. Sideshow Collectibles is proud to introduce the Superman Sixth Scale Figure from Superman. This collectible is specially crafted based on the image of Christopher Reeve, highlighting the detailed head sculpt, movie-accurate costume, and specially designed. Superman, also known as the Man of Steel, is one of the most powerful superheroes in the DC Universe. His abilities include incredible super-strength, super-speed, invulnerability, freezing breath, flight, and heat-vision. Born as Kal-El on the dying planet Krypton, his parents Jor-El and Lara sent him in a rocket to the planet Earth where he would be the last surviving member of his race. His. ‎Watch trailers, read customer and critic reviews, and buy Superman: The Movie directed by Richard Donner for $12.99 Apparently, James Gunn has confirmed that he passed on directing a new Superman movie for Warner Bros. in favor of taking on The Suicide Squad.. This information should be taken with a grain of.

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The 1/6th scale Superman Collectible Figure specially features: - Authentic and detailed fully realized likeness of Christopher Reeve as Superman in the Superman movie - Real-like facial expression with detailed wrinkles and gesture - Detailed hair sculpture - Approximately 30 cm tal Movie. Superman's appearance in Batman v. Superman and Justice League is identical to his Man of Steel variant, but includes a new hairpiece, and a slightly redesigned body. In the Video Games. Superman appears in LEGO Batman 2: DC Super Heroes. In earlier images and clips, he appeared very similar to his appearance in 6862, but he didn't have. Superman saves the day when she's taken hostage during a bank robbery, and she finds herself drawn to the man who has secretly admired her for a year. Only she doesn't know he's the same man. Rated: T - English - Romance/Drama - Chapters: 4 - Words: 6,317 - Reviews: 11 - Favs: 18 - Follows: 28 - Updated: 8/12 - Published: 5/12 - [Clark K. The Superman Movie: Fun Facts. Superman was made in 1978 and tells the tale of how he made the journey to earth as a small child, the journey taking thousands of years, but the child only aging three years. He is bought up in Smallville by Jonathan and Martha Kent after they discover his craft on a farm and they raise him as their son Microsoft and Warner Bros. have collaborated to successfully store and retrieve the entire 1978 iconic Superman movie on a piece of glass roughly the size of a drink coaster, 75 by 75 by 2 millimeters thick. It was the first proof of concept test for Project Silica, a Microsoft Research project that uses recent discoveries in ultrafast.

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