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The design of the KV-6 tank was a combination of tanks: KV-1, KV-2, BT-5, T-60 and T-38. General information from the KV-6 tank: Crew: 16 people, height: 4.65 meters, width: 3.07 meters, length: 11.6 meters, weight: 138 tons, engine power: 1800 horsepower, top speed: 21 kilometer per hour, cruising range: 160 kilometers, armor: up to 160. KV-1 L-11: A KV-1-es tank egy L-11 ágyúval felszerelve. Az egyik leghasználtabb típus volt. Galéria. KV-1 Tankok A Leningrádi Palota térnél 1942 májusában. Az 1941-es Vörös téri felvonulás után a szovjet csapatok a frontvonalra mentek harcolni. A moszkvai külvárosi kollektív mezőgazdasági termelők pénzükből. A KV-2 (KV - Kliment Vorosilov) szovjet nehézharckocsi a második világháború időszakából. 1940 tavasza és 1941 októbere között gyártották a KV-1 alvázát felhasználva, jelentősen módosított toronnyal és főfegyverzettel.. Alapvető feladatául a támadott ellenséges frontszakasz áttörését és a megerősített körletek rombolását jelölték meg, ezért főként. The KV-4 (Object 224) was a proposed Soviet heavy break-through tank, All had a 107mm ZiS-6 main gun and all but one had a second tank gun. The second gun was a 45 mm 20-K, or a 76 mm gun. Solutions to the positioning of the guns - turrets or hull mountings - varied. Crew requirements were from 5 to 9 men A tank paraméterei (hajtás után) még a laikus szemnek is megmosolyogtatóak lehetnek, a tank lomha, világít mint a karácsonyfa, az ágyúval egy vicc, egyedül a torony frontpáncélja ami kiemelkedőnek mondható szintjén

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  1. No. That's the short answer. This was what I would call a 'fag packet concept'. That is to say, it looks like something which a tired Soviet engineer drew on the back of his cigarette packet (fag packet) while draining a bottle with his associates..
  2. KV-2 displayed at the Central Museum of Russian Armed Forces, Moscow - Credits: Wikipedia. The U-3, a KV-2 prototype, February, 1940. A KV-2 with a 107 mm gun. The KV-2 was similar to some superheavy tank projects the gun was intended for use with. ww2 Soviet Tanks Poster
  3. KV-1 M1940, KV-1E: 1 x F-32 de 76 mm; KV-1 M1941: 1 x F-34 de 76 mm; KV-1 M1942, KV-1S: 1 x M1941 ZiS-5 de 76 mm; Armamento secundário 2, 3 ou 4 x metralhadoras Degtyaryov: Motor Kharkiv V-2, V12, a Diesel 600 cv: Peso/potência 13 cv/tonelada Suspensão Barra de torção: Alcance Operacional 335 km: Velocidade 35 km/h (estrada
  4. A driver of a KV-8 tank, comrade Paturnak, tells had he made only 4 shots from his flamethrower. An anti-tank gun fired at the tank, but as soon as a flamethrower burst was fired towards the gun the gun crew fled and two Germans fell down in shock and were then crushed by the tank's tracks
  5. The KV-1S is a Rank II Soviet heavy tank with a battle rating of 4.0 (AB/RB/SB). It was introduced in Update 1.57 Battle March.A lightened KV-1 made to improve its manoeuvrability, the KV-1S has less overall armour than the original design but keeps its same lethality with improved speed
  6. The KV-85 is a Soviet tier 6 heavy tank. A further development of the KV-1S tank. Unlike the previous modification, the KV-85 had enhanced armament. The vehicle was developed in the spring of 1943 at the Chelyabinsk Kirov Plant. The tank entered service on August 8, 1943, and was mass produced until September, with a total of 148 vehicles.
  7. The KV-1S is a Soviet tier 6 heavy tank. A further modification of the KV-1 heavy tank series developed in the summer of 1942. It passed into Red Army service on August 20, 1942. Compared to its predecessors, KV-1S had several design features which allowed for the tank's weight to be reduced to 42.3 tons

KV-1 model 1939. KV-1. Model 1939 - First production models, these tanks were prone to frequent breakdowns, but were highly resistant to anti-tank weapons during the Winter War.These tanks were armed with the 76 mm L-11 tank gun, recognizable due to a recuperator above a barrel. Most tanks were lacking the hull machine gun. 141 were built The KV-220 is a premium gift rank III Soviet heavy tank with a battle rating of 5.7 (AB/RB/SB). It was introduced during Update 1.61 Road to Glory in the Operation S.U.M.M.E.R. event of 2016 that lasted from 22 July to 22 August, unlocked after obtaining 36 tanker Marks of Distinction.. The KV-220 is played almost like the previous KV iterations in the Soviet heavy tank line-up Good Day fellow tankers, and pilots! I noticed something interesting today: The WW2 Chronicles article says well get a KV-2 mod. 1940 (see article for picture) for 14 rewards But in-game: the achievement says KV-2 with ZiS-6 cannon. (see attached picture) I searched wikipedia but theres nothing m.. The KV-2 was a self-propelled gun, also classified as a heavy tank, used by the Soviet Union during World War II. 1 Description 2 Variants 3 History 4 Notes 5 References It was based on the chassis of the KV-1 Heavy Tank, with a large M1938 Howitzer (152mm) replacing its main gun.N 1 It was also armed with three DT machine guns. The KV-2 also had a 5 speed forward, 1 speed reverse transmission.

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  1. The Kliment Voroshilov (KV) tanks were a series of Soviet heavy tanks named after the Soviet defense commissar and politician Kliment Voroshilov and used by the Red Army during World War II. The KV series were known for their heavy armour protection during the early part of the war, especially during the first year of the German invasion of the.
  2. Holt Gas-Electric Tank · M1918 Ford · Skeleton tank · Steam tank · Steam Wheel Tank Big Willie · Flying Elephant · Little Willie · Mark I · Mark II · Mark III · Mark IV · Mark IX · Mark V · Mark VII · Mark VIII · Medium Mark A · Medium Mark B · Medium Mark C · Medium Mark
  3. KV-1: 6 + 18 guns on 3rd October 1942; 1st lt. Kiselyov I.A. T-34/85: 65th tank brigade: 6 + many guns + 8 APCson 17th Jan. 1945 1st sgt. Kondaurov I.A. 62nd tank brigade: 6 + few gunsduring Jan. 1945 1st lt. Galpyorn Vladimir I. IS-2: 30th Guards heavy tank regiment: 6 + 14 guns; 1st lt. Blinov Nikita P. 6th Guards tank brigade: 6 + 8 guns.
  4. Udviklingshistorie. Infanterikampvognen med betegnelsen Tank, Infantry, Mk II blev konstrueret på Royal Arsenal, Woolwich, og blev fremstillet af Vulcan Foundry, som en forbedret udgave af Mk I modellen, som var en to-personers kampvogn, som kun var udstyret med et maskingevær.Matilda Mk II vejede omkring 27 tons, over dobbelt så meget som forgængeren, og den var bevæbnet med en 2-punds.
  5. Also know as the 105 mm Gun Motor Carriage T95, the T28 was an American Super Heavy Juggernaut Tank which saw its debut in Battlefield 1942: Secret Weapons of World War Two. FHSW of course redesigned the tank. It was designed during the late period of the war as a breakthrough tank against heavy fortifications and was designed as a self propelled AT-gun. Meanwhile the Germans also designed.
  6. The Russian's Northwestern front was a costly disaster, both in lives and equipment. But in these few days of fast devastation and retreat, there is a story of the crew in one lone Russian KV tank that held back the Kampfgruppe Raus of the 6 th Panzer division for a bold and precious full day. It was a remarkable, defiant stand against the German war machine
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The KV1 was a huge shock to the Germans as it was impervious to all german at weapons other than the 88. There is a very famous incident · The Battle of Raseiniai, 1941, where a single KV tank stopped an entire German Kampfgruppe. By the morning o.. The Kliment Voroshilov (KV) tanks were a series of Soviet heavy tanks named after the Soviet defence commissar and politician Kliment Voroshilov and used by the Red Army during World War II.KV-1S: In response to criticisms, the lighter KV-1S was developed, with thinner armour and a smaller, lower turret in order to reclaim some speed.Importantly, the KV-1S had a commander's cupola with all.

Reading the part relating to this post's title, it appears that the KV tank placed itself very well and cut off elements of the 6.PzDv (as in, not a horde of 200 pre-war light tanks and a handful of PzIV's heading straight toward the mighty KV2, but the most forward tanks attacking) from the rest of the division The KV-1 is a Soviet heavy tank. The KV-1 is heavily armoured and armed. It is able to resist damage from lower calibre tank cannons while dishing out heavy damage with its 7.6 cm cannon The KV-2, namedafter the Soviet defense commissar and politician Kliment Voroshilov (KV)(in Cyrillic Климе́нт Вороши́лов KB) was a Soviet heavy assault tank, armed with a short barreled 152 mm howitzer, intended for bunker busting and short range artillery support. In the anime, it was first seen during Episode 8. 1 History 2 In Girls Und Panzer 3 Gallery 4 Trivia 5. The Kliment Voroshilov (KV) tanks were a series of Soviet heavy tanks named after the Soviet defence commissar and politician Kliment Voroshilov and used by the Red Army during World War II. The KV series were known for their heavy armour protection during the early stages of the war, especially during the first year of the German invasion of the Soviet Union

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KV-VI The Russian Land Battleship - posted in Armored Vehicle History: Gigaton, on Feb 22 2012 - 21:16, said: There were no prototypes nor blueprints ever made of the KV-6 as seen in the OP. Historical KV-6 was a small run of flamethrower tanks (IIRC, less than 10) which looked exactly like normal KV-1 but they had bow flame projector. As said before in this thread, the tank in OP is entirely. Saved from en.wikipedia.org. Soviet KV-1 Heavy Tank - WWII. Saved by MAUI BOB. 6. People also love these ideas.

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  1. GE offers a comprehensive range of dead tank circuit breakers for ratings up to 550 kV and 63 kA. GE's circuit breakers meet or exceed the latest IEEE/ANSI and IEC standards, including C2 and M2. They can be gang operated up to 245 kV, and Independent Pole Operation (IPO) is available at all voltage levels
  2. WoT Tank compare - tank list of all tanks with full dat
  3. the Object 223 was a tank project to become the KV-3. the project started in early 40s and by 1941, the prototype was made for a tank armed with a Zis-6 107mm, 115mm frontal turret armore, 120mm frontal hull armor, 90mm side armore and a speed of 30km/h for a weight of 67tons. the tank was to be put in production in late 1941 with a planned.
  4. This is a chibi style deform of a KV-2. The hull is shortened, the number of road wheels reduced, and the size of the turret increased relative to the hull. Contents are 4 runners of crisply moulded dark green styrene, a one piece lower hull, rubber band tracks, poly caps to hold the wheels (3 road wheels each side plus drive sprockets and.
  5. Apr 17, 2019 - The crew of the Soviet KV-1 heavy tank under the command of Lieutenant S. Kopchensky (standing on the tank to the left) loads the ammunition in the tank.. . Article from albumwar2.com. The crew of the Soviet KV-1 heavy tank loads ammunition. Old and rare high resolution World War II photographs..
  6. The intention was to replace the Swedish Army's disparate tank fleet with a tank that could counter the Soviet IS series heavy tanks and be upgraded continuously. The best late-war tanks, such as the Soviet JS-3 heavy tank or the German Panther medium tank, handily outclassed the best tanks of 1939 such as Panzer IIIs. Almost simultaneously, the restoration of IS-2 heavy tank was launched
  7. Tagged: Finnish Tank Museum, History, Joseph Stalin, Kliment Voroshilov, Kliment Voroshilov tank, KV-1, Red Army, Soviet, Soviet Union, Wikipedia, World War II. Leave a comment KV-1 produced in 1942, displayed in Finnish Tank Museum in Parola
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KV-2 EX ★★★ No.165. Basic Statistic: Hitpoints 76 (76) Speed 38 (38) Scout 20 (40) Firepower 90 (110) Penetration 39 (59) Evasion 24 (59) Front Armor 68 (79) Rear Armor 44 (63) Camouflage 15 (30) Night Fight 10 (10) Class: Nationality: Heavy Tank Russian Range: Build Time: Far Acquisition: Remould [30] Main Gun & Equipment: Capacity. For those who don't know, KV-220 is a tier 5 heavy tank, previously exclusive to the Russian server. It's main advantages are thick hull armor and the fact that it has a limited MM (it will not see tier 7 vehicles). Please note that the fact EU wikipedia doesn't mention this fact means only that EU wikipedia has it wrong. It does have.

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Actually, the KV-6 was a tank with a flame thrower:Wikipedia: KV-6 (Object 226) - Experimental tank armed with a flamethrower next to the hull MG. false the kv 8 was a flamethrower tank Back to top; Legiondude #18 Posted Oct 06 2013 - 11:48. Major. Players 20689 battles; 23,198 Member since: 08-22-2011. PST 1/72 KV-1S Russian Heavy Tank (by Cenker Olut) Hello to everyone The last of Cenker's PST boxes. This KV-1S model tank is completed as Tank No 25. (DML) 1/6 scale Pz.Kpfw II Ausf. B Panzer II Light Tank. From Wikipedia The *Panzer II* is the common name used for a fa... 6 months ago FBMinis Workbench. Road Block with Dragon Teeth. WolfDW [Public domain] From Wikipedia:. The Kliment Voroshilov (KV) tanks, a series of Soviet heavy tanks named after the Soviet defence commissar and politician Kliment Voroshilov, operated with the Red Army during World War II. The KV tanks were known for their heavy armour protection during the early stages of the war, especially during the first year of the German invasion of the Soviet Union This work is in the public domain in Russia according to article 1281 of the Civil Code of the Russian Federation and article 6 of Law No. 231-FZ of the Russian Federation of December 18, 2006 (the Implementation Act for Book IV of the Civil Code of the Russian Federation) ().. Usually: [1] The author of this work died before January 1, 1942. The author of this work died between January 1.

Tier 8 Heavy Comparison: KV-5, Lowe & M6 Heavy | vkleopardKV-4 – VikipeediaKV-1S - WalkAround - Photographies - EnglishStielgranate 41 - Wikipedia5 cm KwK 39 - Wikipediaindustrial valves manufacturers industrial valves market
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